Based Upon

Based Upon_London_Our Works_Projects_The Lost Fragment.jpg

the lost fragment continues a creative fascination with fault and destruction made beautiful. the piece has a sense of alienation.

where it is placed it appears to have fallen from the sky and landed.


the lost fragment (a prosthetic fallacy)
3000mm x 2100mm x 850mm
bronze, granite


This work mourns the loss of all that is ancient, the ancestral wisdom cultivated since the origin, stored within a lump of granite 50 million years old.

Too, it celebrates the innocent optimism of our belief that we need not worry, for we know better. Pity those of us who forget from whence we have come.

lost fragment bronze stone 02.jpg

An apparently harmonious marriage of bronze and rock The Lost Fragment (a prosthetic fallacy) hides a deeper truth within its vociferous crack.

The work is at once a monument to humankind’s ingenuity and a melancholic musing on how easily we are distracted by our own deftness, missing the vast,

ever-present truth as we focus on details we have invented to demonstrate our cunning.