Based Upon and Bebox



> Based Upon has joined with old friends Bebox to create an immersive space for stillness in the city.

Based Upon_London_Art_Design_Journey_Inis Oirr

> Following Based Upon’s first immersive installation, Breath, which presented five monolithic artworks breathing in harmony, Based Upon has worked with Bebox to create a new sanctuary for meditation. The space envelops 1-3 visitors at a time in an audio-visual experience, guiding them through a transformative 20 minute meditation. The experience works with nature, new technology and ancient truths, to lead visitors to a cessation of mind and into the present moment.

Based Upon_London_Art_Design_Journey_Inis Oirr

‘For us, stillness is the ultimate luxury, when the mind stops and we can rest in the silence. With Bebox, we are aiming to offer a place where we can go inside ourselves, exploring what really drives and distracts us, outside of the noise of the city’.

– Ian Abell, Based Upon


> Within the cave-like space is Inis Oirr III, Based Upon’s monolithic stone and bronze artwork. The artwork was born of a journey to Inis Oirr, the smallest and most eastern of three Aran Islands – it oscillates with light, honouring movements and rhythms of the natural landscape. Within Inis Oirr’s ancient limestone topography, Based Upon gathered physical casts, film, photography and 3D data scans, working with these traces and a meditation practice to create the breathing sculpture.


+ Contact to organise an
immersive 20 minute meditation experience.

> monday - friday
first session 11.30am/last session 6pm

> saturday
first session 10.30am/last session 6pm

> sunday
first session 11.30am/last session 4.30pm

browns east
21 club row
london e2 7ey

Based Upon_London_Art_Design_Journey_Inis Oirr


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