III by Based Upon at Wallpaper* Handmade



Wallpaper* Handmade: ‘Wellness and Wonder’
17 - 22 April


III is a new work we’ve made in a series about stillness. They are bio-responsive artworks intended to bring the viewer into a meditative state without the need for any practice or experience.

These works are oddly ancient because they are based on data that we gathered while documenting primitive landscapes, but because they integrate clever tech, there is also an element of the digital.

Using immersive technology, we’re working on commissions to build modern day sanctuaries which cater to that long-held need for solace, the need for a dedicated space where one can be calm and quiet, a space to connect with the kind of truths we’re often blind to, such is the bombardment on our senses as we navigate our modern lives.

These works are designed to understand your state, and then make adjustments in their state, allowing you to then readjust yours, resting in to centre – into a grounded stillness.

This new work, a five ft circle, holds the elemental quality of landscape, but we’ve made it a little smaller and
simplified the tech, to bring it into an affordable, accessible place, so that it can do its work within the environments where people need it most. On completion of the Wallpaper Handmade show, this artwork will be incorporated into a social project, the details of which will be disclosed shortly.

Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via della Moscova 28


Based Upon