A Grain Of Rice (2015)

On 3rd March 2015, two monumental cast bronze sculptures created by Based Upon, were unveiled to the public. The sculptures, entitled ‘A Grain of Rice’, are the first major public commission by the British creative studio and mark a seminal moment for Based Upon as it celebrates 10 years of making exceptional work to commission internationally. The first sculpture stands at over 10 metres high on Queens Road Central, Hong Kong, whilst the second sculpture stands at 6 metres tall in London.
The creative team at Based Upon, led by Ian Abell and Alex Welch, were tasked to create a form which would resonate with both Eastern and Western cultures alike. In so doing they identified a solitary grain of rice as the starting point for this striking sculpture. Ian Abell, Creative Director of Based Upon commented: “In both Chinese and Western cultures, this single entity is rich in symbolism; untradeable alone, but of limitless value when combined as part of a greater number. The rewards of a bountiful rice harvest begin with regard for each and every grain.”
The work is imposing and receptive, commanding and nurturing: embodying the harmony of yin and yang, feminine and masculine. In the summer of 2012, Cass Sculpture Foundation (CSF) invited a handful of selected artists to submit proposals for the commission. Based Upon’s proposal was selected and it was decided the two identical sculptures would be made for Hong Kong and London. ‘A Grain of Rice’ began production in summer 2013, with local foundries appointed in both countries to complete the sculptures.