• Abstraction processes

    e.g. Drawing with inks, Crumpled paper, Shadows, Mirroring

  • BU Ideas library

    P:/domain data/Ideas Library

  • BU Pricing and Procurement workflow

    P:/domain data/Form/How’s it Made/Pricing and Procurement

  • BU collective brain (peer knowledge)

  • Chatter field for requesting and documenting feedback

  • Physical Library on 3rd Floor

  • Internet

  • Art materials and modelling materials

  • Existing models and development samples

  • Template for presentation

    P:/domain data/Graphics/Graphic Templates

  • Composition Research

    P:/domain data/Creative/Design/Design Development/BU Composition Research/Presentations

  • Composition part 1a Research and approach 240915

  • Composition part 2 Rectangles and Grids 300915

  • Composition part 3 Hidden Techniques 240915

  • Colour research

    P:/domain data/creative/Design/Design Development/BU Colour Research/Presentations

  • Colour.pdf

  • Hues.pdf

  • stencil library


  • how’s it made

    P:/domain data/Form/Hows it Made/Specification Documents_DO NOT EDIT OR SAVE OVER/Blank Tempate_Specification Document

  • graphic elements

    P:/domain data/Graphics/GRAPHIC ELEMENTS



Keystones – What the concept is dependant on and the challenges and risks.

BU Best Practice – Playful approach, exploring, questioning. Adhering to Project Intention and asking questions.

Design Silos – A collection of questions and areas for further development prioritised in to the most important tasks

Stakeholders – BU people with an interest or concern in this project, normally Artist or Designer, Account manager, Project Manager, Head of Design and Directors.

Project Intention (3p’s) – Profitability, Potential, Perception i.e. what are we trying to get out of this project?

  • Profitability - make a good profit.

  • Potential – Is this project tactical or strategic? This could be internal or external i.e. to develop our fabrication or making capabilities,

    using the client to pay for BU development or position BU in a particular market.

  • Perception – Who’s going to see it? Who’s the buyer? Do we need to impress them? (private client, new client or general public etc).