Based Upon

bu_00912_twist string_piano_E.jpg

Based Upon_London_Bespoke Design_Projects_The Piano Series_Sketchbook_4.jpg

The sculptural form of the Twist has evolved over the past 9 years and been realised in many different iterations from tables to consoles.

It is now reborn as a piano.

Based Upon_London_Bespoke Design_Projects_The Piano Series_Sketchbook_5.jpg

The form is based on an exploration of the repeating spiral pattern found throughout the universe.

It suggests that it began with a twist, shown here as the tri-oval top twisting away from its base to create the resulting form.
Its metal and resin top evolved from taking a perspective on the earth from space in various studies of the earth’s surface from the air.


Based Upon_London_Bespoke Design_Projects_The Piano Series_Sketchbook_1.jpg

Based Upon’s first piano, integrated in to our twist dining table form incorporating a digital Yamaha piano.
The piano has a built in auto-play option and can be set up to sync with a home audio system as well as USB connectivity.
There are two large speakers which are housed in the sculpted form and several small speakers that sit flush with the multi-layered pigmented resin and liquid metal surface of the top.