activities and output

  • Write up the brief in a Design Task in Salesforce (based on current information we have) Clarify and re clarify (all the way back to client) and replay it to stakeholders regularly. Keep design tasks updated with refined information.

  • Understand the Schedule.

  • Understand the Project intention (3 P’s) and write up in What Does Good Look Like (WDGLL) box in the Design Task.

  • Identify the keystones -what will jeopardise this project? what will cause us an issue? What is the most important information e.g. size, shape, location, surrounding materials in room, concept, quoted info, client expectation, functionality (Document in ‘Challenges and Risks’ box).

  • create the known landscape:

    • Create a mind map asking the questions - What’s the function? What do we need to explore? What is the essence?

    • Create a visual mood-board incorporating all data and information from the client, from the BU world (previous work or IP) and the wider world. Create one for internal inspiration & one for client feedback.

    • Create Design Silos - write up the areas needing further investigation and development (document in ‘Research and Concept Direction’ box).

    • Consider physical engagement with the concept, go in to the landscape, play with processes e.g. paper crumples, melting ice etc.

    • Upload sketches and images of the mind map and known landscape to the Design Task. Also save in project folder.

    • Sketchbook started.

    • Conceptual direction replayed and agreed by stakeholders.

    • Presentation of creative development and artistic intention to client.

    • Client comments and agreement on the essence (concept and direction).



  • See existing examples of mood boards and mind maps (Gather some good examples).

  • Adhering to Project Intention (3P’s).

  • Using the collective BU brain (knowledge of people in BU).

  • Ask the ‘good questions’ get clarity.

  • Use abstraction processes as starting points e.g. drawing with inks, crumpled paper, shadows, mirroring.