Based Upon
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With an intuitive eye for depth, beauty and meaning, Based Upon are artists, creators and adventurers like no other.

They find their centre on the edges of life by creating poetic sculptural work that reminds us to connect with the essence of life.


"Guided by nature, we journey deep into landscape to witness it at its most simple and profound,

unearthing the patterns observable at the largest and smallest scales of the known universe.

It is an attempt to reconnect with the essential principles of the entire system, in which we, as men and Man, play such a temporal part. 

We have this innate sense of wholeness, that all things are connected, that in essence we are one.

But the world of phenomenon, that we observe, is fragmented, separate and divided; everywhere we look we see boundaries and edges.

Things are labelled, classified, made distinct.

Yet looking out as far as we can, appears boundless and when we take the time to look in we may perceive a similar infinite space.

So we are living between these two realities of wholeness and fragmentation, much of our work is an expression of that.”

- ian abell

“Our approach to commissioned work is an attempt to go beyond commodification, to touch the kind of value measurable by the heart.

We believe that by helping our clients tell their stories, we can bring to life works which endure.

These works move into the realm of the priceless because they have such significance to those who commission them.

In an increasingly digital world, these physical works, which honour the past and the future, represent true legacy."

- Ian Abell