Commemorative Desk

Based Upon’s client came to their Greenwich studio with only a collection of treasured memories and the desire to create a piece for her father’s birthday. Presented with an open brief, the Based Upon team embarked on a developmental journey which took them to Siberia; to the birthplace, first school and past homes of their client’s father. Immersing themselves in Siberian culture, the team built a collection of sketches, photography, and stories, which grew and evolved into the form of a desk: an exquisite functioning artwork. 

The desk has been hand-built over many months in phosphor bronze, oak, leather and Based Upon’s enigmatic ‘Tramazite’: a unique material developed by the company through 12 years of experimentation and practice. As with one’s very first school desk, moments of personal history are etched and woven throughout the piece, each mark and image holding a significant memory. Designed to reveal a different strand of life narrative each time a drawer is opened or the desk approached, the desk is embedded with stories for the visitor, and private revelations for the owner.