based upon Surface creates hand made finishes using liquid metals, resins and lacquers. It has been acclaimed worldwide and is winner of the 2009 FX Design Awards.

based upon Surface has featured extensively in some of the largest yachts, most prestigious commercial developments and finest homes. Typical applications are wall panelling, sculptural forms, fixed joinery, free standing furniture, doors and flooring. Public spaces in which our surfaces can be viewed include Donna Karan London and New York, Nobu London and Milan, London’s the May Fair Hotel and Fortnum & Mason London.

Our process works with most metals, mixing them like paints to create a range of alloys and blends to produce bespoke surfaces to complement a scheme. Applied as a liquid, built up in layers and then worked by hand to reveal the layers beneath, we achieve an intricate and painterly aesthetic.

We are always striving to create the most innovative surfaces anywhere in the world and we do so with passion and artistic integrity. We think and make as
artists, but operate with professionalism and precision enabling us to be trusted with large contracts for some of the world’s most prestigious projects.