"In the cathedral of your spirit, I am happy queuing for wine"

St James's Church | London, May 2016


London’s Based Upon is a unique practitioner in the art of story-telling through bespoke design and exceptional craftsmanship. Established in 2004 by twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell, the pioneering studio celebrates London Craft Week, 2016, with two artworks in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly.

According to the artist, ‘In the cathedral of your spirit I am happy queuing for wine’ “is a love poem in its simplest form, whatever that love or awe may be directed at. To know vastness and hold space within it, needing nothing, is to be liberated by joyful abundance.”

Above the sculpted bronze mobius strip of “In the cathedral’s’ interwoven letters, sits ‘And so it is…’ : a neon work remembering the artist’s hand, and, alongside the devotional and commemorative plaques on St. James’s walls, rendering in white light the scribbled proclamation of surrender that is transfigured in the bronze sculpture below.

“St James Piccadilly is a space I have always been fond of” - Ian Abell, Creative Director, Based Upon

“.. a church with an amazing history... designed by Sir Christopher Wren...favoured by William Blake, since the day he was Christened there. Today, a forum for worship, music and avant garde spiritual debate; providing a refuge for London’s homeless, allowing them to sleep in its pews... A space of stillness and contemplation, doing the work of spirit in the hectic heart of the city.”