"Obfuscian Traces"

The Gallery, Leica | London, July 2016


To accompany The Lost Fragment (a prosthetic fallacy), Based Upon are presenting an interactive installation of photography and film at The Gallery, Leica, in Mayfair. The exhibition entitled Obfuscian Traces captures the spirit of the sculpture’s origin and creation and will show from the 12th - 29th July.

The film, water and rock-based installation calls to mind the beliefs held by the ancient people of Skye, that the Isle’s timeless rocks retained the stories and spirits of their ancestors, providing a gateway to truths which transcend the preoccupations and concerns of the modern age.

Fragments of rock shed during the sculpting of The Lost Fragment were retained for use within the installation. The shards are submerged in a pool water and capture projected images taken by the artists during their visit to Skye. Visitors are invited to select a piece of rock to take away. Upon reaching into the pool a visitor disturbs the peaceful projected image – suggesting that man cannot take from nature without consequence.