At 5.5 metres x 3 metres, this work in varying tones of bronze was created by wandering the streets and pathways of Knightsbridge, London, documenting though photography, film and blue spot casting. The map is reconstructed in layers, as memory would have it, giving scale and prominence to the architectural elements and narrative histories which stuck in the mind. It is in our nature to create in this way. We like to get into a landscape and to record it: its images, its sounds, its natural textures and the life it plays canvas to. These elements become building blocks back in the studio when they are reinterpreted as casts, etchings and textural marks. The piece hanging in Montpellier Hall, commissioned by Danielle Quieroz, is intended as an invitation to discover the streets and alleys that encircle the property. Narrative murmurs and architectural glances nestle within a façade of classical map-making. What reads as a network of avenues and squares is a layered construction of streetscapes and elevations, woven with nature, illustration and a peek at the characters who inhabit.

Wandering Knightsbridge