Based upon were commissioned to create an artwork in response to the landscape around our clients home between Amagansett and Montauk in East Hampton, New York.

The wall based work would run from the inside of the property to the outside intersecting the marine landscape. The work began as a landscape study, taking casts of the naturally occurring textures. But what resonated most was the way in which nature made marks in the surrounding landscape: the encroaching and retreating shore undulating ripples in the sand; the wind creating new dune forms with every bluster; the rain tunnelling craters until the sun would burn them out and urge cracks and dusty fissures in their place. Working with these forces we created the artwork at 1:1 in the studio.

Beginning with 5 empty boxes totaling 7 metres x 2. 8 metres we applied wet slip and while nature began its two week journey to harden it and form clay, we painted it with heat, sculpted it with dry ice, washed it with rain and began again layering these processes, stopping at three days, allow nature its final days of swelling and cracking. Silicon molds followed and were sent to the foundry for casting in bronze until we brought the work back to the studio for final editing and making good.

The result is a resonating monolith most akin to a lunar landscape. It was always our intention that its origins would be hard to place, whether from the sky or dug from the earth, it will continue to be aged by nature as it is caressed and ravaged by the narcissistic landscape in which it sits, affording it moments of calm and basking glory between the battering torrent of caustic attack. We envision this indelible work, long from now, as solid as today, angular and protruding from the last remnants of a decaying timber form, the wooden house long surrendered to the harsh landscape while the bronze remains a while yet.

Seasons of Tranquility