About Suvretta tells the tale of a walk through the mountain paths outside of St Moritz. The collectors who commissioned the work invited us to walk with them, to appreciate their favourite aspects of the location above St Moritz in which they live. 

Walking together, armed with a bag of casting materials a simple notebook and 3 cameras, all of which mysteriously broke on the morning of the walk, evoked the early Swiss botanists, contemporaries of Darwin, documenting the alpine landscape. In the mid 1800s the landscape became a central focus for European artists and at the same time Daguerre had made a breakthrough in photography to invent the Daguerreotype process of imprinting an image onto a metal plate. Such a spirit was recalled as we walked the landscape.

Collecting these species and casting from the landscape enabled us to create a favourite view from the walk.  Back in the studio we re-created the scene in metals – the image built up by depositing the landscapes naturally occurring textures and species into metal to create a perspective on the landscape, reminiscent of one of Daguerre’s own early alpine sketches.

About Suvretta, St Moritz