based upon Meaning commissions are unique artworks that offer a new perspective on bespoke. The works begins with an element that is meaningful to the commissioner. They are works of essence, rich in significance, narrative and provenance.

Many of our Meaning pieces are Locationscapes, others include a more personal narrative, depicting a family or company history.

based upon Locationscapes begin with a location, that is precious to the commissioner or the project, and create a direct response to it. It’s in our nature to create in this way. We like to get into a landscape and to record it: its images, its sounds, its natural textures and the life it plays canvas to. These elements become building blocks back in the studio when they are reinterpreted as casts, etchings and textural marks. The idea is that each mark tells a story – each represents a moment in time, so that even a single scratch within a work is traceable to something significant. Each work is carefully documented so that its significance will be understood generations from now.

They are regarded as legacy pieces because they are intended to be handed down.