Fracture Table

An existing collector of our work asked us to create a dining table, intimate enough for a family of 4, but that could easily be extended to host a large family gathering.  Our response was a table rooted in imperfection. A pristine white block floats above the ground on clear acrylic legs arranged randomly beneath it.  It is defined by its imperfections: a crack that splits the table in two and a large handcarved splash in oxidised metal and resin that stains it. A wordy hypothesis is inscribed down one edge, beginning “even the immaculate perfection…”

The table is built from an aluminium honeycomb core and so very strong but light to lift. The legs incoporate a one click mechanism so can be attached or removed with a single twist of 29 degrees.

Playing around with the idea of design art, we stuck to the idea that something that we sit at to eat is a piece of design, while something that hangs on the wall is a piece of art.