based upon Form’s pieces include hand-carved sculptural forms and contemporary furniture inspired by archetypal patterns and forms. based upon Forms feature in private collections and homes in New York, Miami, Riyadh, Mumbai, Paris and Mustique and have been shown at the Cass Sculpture Foundation and London’s Rove Gallery.

Most of the work is created to commission and the pieces are often very large including a pair or credenzas totaling 19 metres in length. Many of our Form explorations begin with nature. We enjoy the natural fissures and splits that exist within the earth or the graceful turn of a river and the way it erodes it’s bank. We accept the inevitability of ageing and we work with it, rather than fighting it.

We create work that is already marked, carrying precious imperfections unique to a hand made piece. We anticipate watching our work tarnish, its colours deepening and becoming richer as it does so and welcoming new marks as it is used, marks that will define its character.

In a world in which little is built to last anymore, we aim to make work that will be handed down through generations.