based upon Form’s pieces include hand-carved sculptural forms and contemporary furniture inspired by archetypal patterns and forms. based upon Forms feature in private collections and homes in New York, Miami, Riyadh, Mumbai, Paris and Mustique and have been shown at the Cass Sculpture Foundation and London’s Rove Gallery.

Most of the work is created to commission and the pieces are often very large including a pair or credenzas totaling 19 metres in length. Many of our Form explorations begin with nature. We enjoy the natural fissures and splits that exist within the earth or the graceful turn of a river and the way it erodes it’s bank. We accept the inevitability of ageing and we work with it, rather than fighting it.

We create work that is already marked, carrying precious imperfections unique to a hand made piece. We anticipate watching our work tarnish, its colours deepening and becoming richer as it does so and welcoming new marks as it is used, marks that will define its character.

In a world in which little is built to last anymore, we aim to make work that will be handed down through generations.

Composed highlights include work inspired by the world's timezone's, Hong Kong's bauhinia flower, cherry blossom in bloom and the Dubai skyline.

Selection of images from Based Upon Surface projects.

A selection of pieces from the Form portfolio.

Monolithic bars for private residences inspired by the turn of a river and front of house desks inspired by a cracked river bed.

A selection of important and favourite images from based upon journeys.

Large scale naturescapes inspired by water, cherry blossom, falling leaves and highland scenes, integrated into various interior spaces.

Installations for 3 storey superyacht atriums including the award-winning Celestial Hope and Blind Date and Nobu Berkeley's 'golden stairway'.

Our Specialist Surfaces are multi layered or hand carved surfaces that are understood as artworks when used at scale.

A selection of sculptural forms, floating canvases and monolithic slabs functioning as dining tables in lacquers, resins and metals.

Based Upon were commissioned by a family to create a piece for their home in the mountains high above St Moritz in the Swiss Alps.

A selection of cabinets inspired by cracked earth, cherry blossom and the memories of a life and a pair of credenzas almost 20 metres in length.

An 18m2 solid bronze monolithic artwork for this ultra modern home in the rugged landscape of East Hampton, New York state.

A selection of location specific work, featuring a map of London's Hyde Park and its surroundings, Athens Olympic stadia and our iconic world time-zone map.

Our Textured Collection is inspired by nature and often cast directly from it. The surfaces contain the precious imperfections of nature, the idiosyncratic blemishes that define character. Our textured surfaces are designed to wear gracefully.

Monolithic doors for some of the world's finest properties inspired by ocean currents, the crack in a rock face, a Highland river and Art Deco geometry.

A site specific work for London's newest Grand Hotel, The Corinthia, featuring a panorama of the city spanning 20 miles.

Coffee tables inspired by the depths of the sea, the backbone of a stingray, butterflies and leaves, or the classic cracked earth.

Based Upon worked with the masterful Michael Leach Design to create an extensive portfolio of surfaces for the multi award winning superyacht MY Palladium.

Our first public commission in New York, this treescape, cast from Central Park, in tones of bronze and platinum stands at 6.6 metres x 2.3 metres.

Large scale Art Deco inspired artwork representing the Dubai skyline, commissioned by Intarya, for a Penthouse in Dubai's World Trade Centre.

A wonderful Roman apartment for a very considered collector and designer. Designed by Contemporanea based upon collaborated to create doors, flooring and furniture.

A selection of sculptural and functional benches as well as consoles inspired by the butterfly and the skin of the rattlesnake.

Based Upon was commissioned by designers, Yabu Pushelberg to create a naturescape of cherry blossom for a prestigious new development in China.

A landmark location based work, this work maps London's Knightsbridge and reflects on the history of ideas this neighbourhood celebrates.

based upon's most iconic form, rooted in the original turn of the universal spiral, the twist dining table created for a private residence in Mustique.

Based Upon worked with designer David Collins to create a number of interior and exterior features at Nobu Berkley in London.

Asked by a collector to create a work intimate enough for a family of four, yet able to accommodate a celebration, we created the fracture table.

Based Upon were commissioned by London based architect to create this map for one of Russia’s leading power companies.

A unique representation of Hyde Park, illustrating London as a city which begins with a single leaf and grows into a modem metropolis.

A journey through India and Uganda following in the footsteps of an Indian philanthropist, whose life had taken the same path 100 years earlier.

Commissioned for one of the world's finest Penthouses, a bar rooted in the simplest expression of hand-made form, the fold in a piece of paper.

Overlooking the entire Hong Kong skyline, these two naturescapes in bronze began with casting the roots and branches of Hong Kong’s national tree.

Spanning 3 storeys and filling an entire atrium the naturescape of falling leaves features within the award winning superyacht Celestial Hope.

A unique locationscape layered with personal narrative, a simple portrayal of a Highland river tells a moving story.

Delhi's Yamuna River carves its way through a 5 metre block to create this acclaimed centre piece for a pair of Indian art collectors.

A dining table commissioned by a mother for her two daughters. A single table existing in 2 equal parts each telling their own story.

We were asked to create a commemorative artwork for a clients 60th birthday. An artwork which celebrated a life and which would also be left as a legacy for future generations of the clients family.