Based Upon presents new work at FOG, Design + Art, 2016

On the 14th January at FOG Art + Design, San Francisco, Based Upon will present a new body of work.

Based Upon’s artworks ‘Mother Rain’ and ‘The Birth of Tramazite’ will be shown by Geoffrey Diner Gallery (Washington D.C.), and their sculptural pieces ‘Blue Fragmented Crack’ and ‘If I had known then what I know now, India’ will exhibit with Maison Gerard (New York). FOG Art+Design introduces Based Upon’s work to America’s West Coast for the first time.

‘Mother Rain’ and ‘The Birth of Tramazite’ were handcrafted and shaped over many months, using pioneering techniques developed by Based Upon over the last twelve years. The works attempt to capture the ineffable: our earliest beginnings, or perhaps our end. There is a quietly volatile energy in the pieces, which places the eye of the viewer in the reflective heart of our oscillating universe.