based upon Composed specialises in creating large artworks, often integrated into complex interior spaces. They include works inspired by natural landscapes, urban skylines and maps. They tend to be very large, some extending over 3 storeys such as the 50m2 installation on the multi-award winning yacht, Celestial Hope. At based upon we have created our own signature palette of textured liquid metals, semi-precious resins and lacquering techniques. All of the work is made by hand in the based upon London studio and the works are created using a variety of processes that based upon has developed to manipulate the unique materials we work with. The works are layered over many weeks, and then ground back to reveal hidden textures and fading colours that break between layers.

We are happy to begin with a space, an image, a scheme, an inspiration or a hunch –something to base our work upon. We will then suggest initial ideas before our guided development process, including sketching, computer rendering, physical sampling and prototyping.