Design Days Dubai 2013


Design Days Dubai 2013 / Downtown Dubai
18-21 March 2013 / www.

At Design Days Dubai 2013 Based Upon is showing some of its most iconic work of 2012 and some new work created for the show.

The “nature the creator, man the editor” series reflects on the idea all that is truly beautiful is already out there provided for us and if as designers and artists we are open to it, we can capture and frame it rather than trying to mimic or improve it. This is based in the Islamic tradition that such is the divine beauty of God’s creation, any attempt to represent it figuratively is to demean it. Based Upon suggests that by casting directly from nature or by working with natural processes, the work is surrendered to nature and allows beauty to emerge as God wills it.

Bronze Fragmented Crack Coffee Table / 1500 x 1500 x 400 mm
This piece looks at how a simple crack formed over time, expresses the magnificence and beauty of nature when edited by man into a geometric form and presented in opulent bronze.

“If I had known then, what I know now” / 1210 x 950 x 220 mm
This map of the UAE looks at the frustration of the artistic process, as so many ideas and attempts are cast aside when trying to create a great work. The resulting work is born out of the act of surrender, giving up the control of the form and submitting it to the will of God. One of those rejected ideas is unfolded to reveal a topographical landscape, unforeseen by the artist. The chosen form is then cast in bronze.

Remembering Knightsbridge / 4000 x 2000 mm
is an iconic work in which Based Upon maps a location and depicts its history in the form of a metal tapestry or cartographic collage.
based upon’s iconic work Wandering Knightsbridge is rethought. Its Knightsbridge as memory would have it; It is key architectural details and fragments of history, layered to create a map that could exist only in the mind.

Stillness Speaks / 680 x 1300 x 500 mm
An iconic Based Upon portrait study inspired by experiences in a mosque in Damscus and in the Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi.

The ‘Rivers of Time’ Twist Table / 3300 x 1650 x 760 mm
This sculptural form has evolved over 8 years for based upon. This is the first in the twist series that stands without a base fixing system. It’s metal and resin top evolved from studies of the earths surface from the air.

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Design Days Dubai 2013 / Downtown Dubai
18-21 March 2013 / www.