Corinthia Hotel London


Based Upon were privileged to create several prominent features for the newly opened luxury hotel.

The centrepiece of the reception area is our large scale artwork in bronze tones which is bisected by a hand-carved river inlaid with images depicting the London skyline. The river motif continues its journey through the marble of the reception desk.

We also created artwork for the lift doors and counter panels that incorporate textures and canopies taken from the trees around the hotel.

Read more about the creation and development of this work here: Corinthia Hotel Case Study

Wallpaper* Yamuna Bar


Art collector Shalini Passi's New Delhi home, for which Based Upon designed and created the Yamuna Bar, is featured in Wallpaper India Edition.

The Yamuna bar is a 5m sculptural artwork which takes its abstract composition from the Yamuna river which flows through New Delhi.

You can watch an interview with co-founder of Based Upon Ian Abell, talking about the idea behind and making of the sculptural bar.

Wallpaper* Interview 

Read more about the creation and development of this work here: Yamuna Bar Case Study

Fracture Table


Two-thirds design, one third art…introducing the Based Upon Fracture Table.

Asked by a collector to create a piece of design art was intimate enough for a family of four to sit and have dinner at, yet large enough to accommodate friends for a celebration, we created the fracture table.

Our response was a table rooted in imperfection. A pristine white block floats above the ground on clear acrylic legs arranged randomly beneath it.  It is defined by its imperfections: a crack that splits the table in two and a large handcarved splash in oxidised metal and resin that stains it. A wordy hypothesis is inscribed down one edge, beginning “even the immaculate perfection…”

The table is built from an aluminium honeycomb core and so very strong but light to lift. The legs incoporate a one click mechanism so can be attached or removed with a single twist of 29 degrees.

Playing around with the idea of design art, we stuck to the idea that something that we sit at to eat is a piece of design, while something that hangs on the wall is a piece of art.

Read more about the creation and development of this piece here: Fracture Table Case Study

Super Yachts


We are proud to say that three of our recent marine projects have won awards at the World Superyacht Awards in London.

Congratulations to the winners and to the designers we worked with on the projects.

Winning in the 50-60m category was Candyscape II by Candy & Candy for who we created the Universal Spiral artwork. In the 30-49.9m category Blind Date were winners, and on this project we worked with Keech Green to a bronze seascape wall artwork. The final winner was Celestial Hope and for this project we worked with Intarya to create a leaf canopy artwork.

Read more about this project here: Celestial Hope Case Study

Sculptural Fold Bar


Based Upon were commissioned by Intarya to create a collection of sculptural furniture and an artwork based on the Dubai skyline for the Penthouse of the World Trade Centre in Dubai. The design of the sculptural fold bar is based on the the form of a piece of twisted paper. Destined for the World Trade Centre Dubai, the 2.5m x 1m x 1.1m  sculptural bar is finished with a mona patinated textured surface, and fitted with cupboards with a maple veneer and stainless steel lined bottle drop.

Read more about this project here: Sculptural Fold Bar

First commission in China


Based Upon was commissioned by designers, Yabu Pushelberg to create a naturescape of cherry blossom for a prestigious new development in China. We have been developing our portrayals of cherry blossom since 2005; the subtle layering and ghostly marks that have used mean its our finest yet. We created three pieces, each over 6 metres high which now reside in the lobby of an exclusive new development. Read more about the project here: Plum Blossom Artwork.

Hong Kong Blossoms


Commissioned by leading Hong Kong designer, Antony Chan of Cream for a private client as part of a new renovation of a private residence on The Peak in Hong Kong two tree artworks where created, that form an integral part of the fabric of the main living spaces. Rather than creating conventional freestanding artworks, Based Upon composed the trees to work across 3 walls in 2 separate spaces, running from floor to ceiling, around curved corners and extending the surface along the ventilation covers. This style of integrated artworks has become a large portion of Based Upon’s works, treating every surface and detail as a canvas, continuing artworks and composed surfaces from walls to doors to ceilings.

Read more about the project here: Bauhinia Hong Kong

Celestial Hope


Based Upon were commissioned to create a wall based artwork for superyacht Celestial Hope.

The artwork, commissioned for the atrium of a 50 metre private yacht is a textured canopy of falling leaves. Gently scattered by the wind down the length of the stairwell treating the 50m2 surface as a single canvas. Commissioned by Intarya.

Read more about the project here: Celestial Hope

Super Yacht Blind Date


Based Upon recently completed work on an integrated artwork for the interior of new super yacht Blind Date.

Working with interior designers Keech Design to create an underwater relief in tones of antique bronze incorporating fibre optics. The artworks runs through three storeys, throughout the spiral staircase and continues into the main feature wall in the upper deck dining room.